Are Cane Corso Dogs Dangerous – Pet FaKt

Are Cane Corso Dogs Dangerous
Are Cane Corso Dogs Dangerous

Are Cane Corso Dogs Dangerous – Pet FaKt

Are Cane Corso Dogs Dangerous
Is Cane Corso Dog breed Dangerous

Are Cane Corso Dogs Dangerous: People consider Cane Corso as one of the most dangerous dogs because of the massive size, strength & protective temperament.

‘Is Cane Corso dangerous dog breed’ the answer is No! They are not as much dangerous as people think. Some also think that this breed comes under dangerous dogs act UK, which is not true. Cane Corsos are of Calm & reserved temperament, however, they may be aggressive towards strangers. But ‘how dangerous are Cane Corso dogs’.

First, let us know about the History of Cane Corsos

Cane Corso History or Past

Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff is an ancient working category dog breed. They are the descendants of Roman war dogs. They are also connected to Neapolitan Mastiff dogs.

In Past, Cane Corsos were used for hunting wild boars and other large animals. They were considered to be the perfect combination of strength, agility, and size to catch & stop prey. This dog breed was also used as Guard dogs in order to protect livestock and property from robbers.

Cane Corsos were known for their courageous and loyal temperament. These dogs were considered to be one of the most powerful dog breeds present at that time.

Cane Corso Aggressive Temperament

Are Cane Corso Dogs Dangerous - Pet FaKt
Are Cane Corso Dogs Dangerous – Pet FaKt

You may have observed a Cane Corso barking and being aggressive to other dogs and towards strangers. Does it mean that they are not properly trained or socialized? This aggressive behavior towards other animals and strangers can be observed in Cane Corso Puppy also. This shows their protective and territorial behavior.

is Cane Corso an aggressive breed

No, Cane Corso is not an aggressive dog breed. They are considered to be of very calm and reserved temperament who don’t get aggressive easily. Cane Corsos are just good guards who don’t trust strangers often.

But then the question arises ‘Are Cane Corso aggressive to other dogs’. To be honest, they are not good with cats, dogs, and other animals mainly of smaller size. This is due to the hunting instincts in them due to their past.

When do Cane Corso get Aggressive

Cane Corso doesn’t get aggressive and angry often. As mentioned earlier they generally get aggressive to strangers to whom they don’t trust and to the dogs especially of same-sex.

How to discipline a Cane Corso

Cane Corsos are considered to be obedient and intelligent, so if you raise them well then they will be of good nature. You can Discipline a Cane Corso by-

  • Proper Training– Making them follow commands
  • Socialization– Socializing a Cane Corso puppy from the beginning so that once he grew up he doesn’t get aggressive towards others.
  • Regular workout and Exercising– It is important to make your dog exercise well and reach its daily exercise requirements.

They can live with other pets too if they are properly introduced to the Cane Corso. In fact, a Cane Corso will be a great friend to other pet if both of them are grown together.

Cane Corso is not much difficult however we don’t recommend first-time dog owners to own a Cane Corso. Nobody wants to make their Cane Corso aggressive or dangerous still the dog owners who don’t know how to raise a reserved and strong-willed dog should not own Cane Corsos.

Is Cane Corso a dangerous dog breed

An aggressive Cane Corso may be very dangerous but regarding the Cane Corso a dangerous dog breed is not correct. After knowing the above info you may have understood about the personality of Cane Corso. There are some things which make them aggressive.

Actually, Cane Corsos are of a very calm nature which doesn’t get angry easily. They are very nice with kids and family. Corsos are one of the most loyal dogs to the family. The temperament and behavior of this dog breed depend upon how a Cane Corso is raised! They may be really calm & affectionate with proper training and socialization. And if they are not raised properly they can be dangerous.

Good characteristics things about Cane Corso’s Personality

  • They are excellent guards – Due to their old guarding instincts they are born guard dogs, you don’t have to train a Cane Corso for guarding purposes. They are very alert and watchful which don’t let anyone stranger enter their territory.
  • Corsos are very loyal–  Cane Corsos are one of the most loyal dog breeds. They care for their family very much. These courageous dogs will never step back from protecting their family in any situation.
  • Cane Corsos are of Calm nature– They are of calm temperament, usually, they don’t bark much and make noises. They only bark to people to whom they have doubt and don’t get provoked easily.
  • They are nice with kids–  Cane Corsos are very nice with kids. Generally, they know how to behave with kids. They are protective of them and in the absence of elders, you may observe them acting as the guardian or babysitters.

‘Should I own a Cane Corso?’

  • It totally depends on you. You can own a Cane Corso if you already have an experience in owning a dog. I don’t recommend them for first-time dog owners.
  • If you have a big size house then they may be perfect for you because they need a large house to roam & walk freely. The Exercise requirement or level of this breed is also high. So it is difficult for them to survive in a small size house or apartment.
  • Though they are nice with kids still they are not good for too small kids. If you have small kids in your home then you should avoid getting a Cane Corso. Because They are large size dogs and there are chances that they may hurt a kid unintentionally. Maybe while playing or running.

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