Belgian Malinois facts | Interesting & fun facts about Belgian Malinois dog

Belgian Malinois Dog facts
Belgian Malinois Dog facts

Belgian Malinois facts | Interesting & fun facts about Belgian Malinois dog

Belgian Malinois Dog facts
Belgian Malinois Dog facts

Belgian Malinois dog facts: Fun & interesting facts and information about active, agile & alert Belgian Malinois dog breed. These herding dogs are energetic

This Herding dog breed is popular for their hardworking and loyal behavior, These dogs are used as Military dogs, Police dogs, Search & rescue dogs and Guard dogs in large number. They are also used in WW I. This medium to large size dogs have a high energy level and have a strong personality. These dogs are easy to train and doesn’t require much grooming. Besides their character and temperament, they have several other interesting qualities. Here we will discuss some fun and interesting facts about Belgian Malinois.

Size of Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois can be Medium to Large in size.

Average Height

Male: 62 cm – 66 cm

Female: 56 cm- 61 cm

Average Weight

Male: 29 kg – 34 kg

Female: 25 kg – 30 kg

Belgian Malinois is considered a healthy dog breed

Like other dog breeds, Belgian Malinois have health concerns but they are not prone to any major health problems. They are prone to some diseases and health problems but the chances are not much, They are prone have Hip dysplasia, Elbow dysplasia, Eye diseases, and Epilepsy.

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Belgian Malinois is often Misunderstood as German shepherd

Many people misunderstood Belgian shepherd as German shepherd, They didn’t know the difference between these two breeds and think that they are same. German shepherds are much more different form of Belgian Malinois. German shepherd are larger and more powerful than Belgian Malinois, GSDs have long haired coat whereas Belgian Malinois has a short-haired coat. Belgian Malinois are much more agile and active than German shepherds.

They are excellent Search & rescue dogs

Belgian Malinoises are very good search and rescue dogs, They are excellent in Tracking and searching. They can be trained very well for it. Many Belgian Malinois are currently working as search dogs all over the world. They have a super sense of smell which is used for works like Detecting Narcotics and Tracking.

Belgian Malinois is the most active dog breed

Belgian Malinois is the most active dog breed, they are very agile and energetic. They are very playful and are ready to play or exercise at any time. Like any other dog breed hey didn’t get tired easily. If you love to exercise then these dogs can be your exercising partner.

The lifespan of Belgian Malinois

The average life span of a healthy Belgian Malinois dog is 12 to 14 years.

They were Herding dogs

During late 1800s Belgian Malinois was bred as herding dogs, They were used by shepherds for herding purposes. At that time they were concerned as an excellent herding dog breed.

Belgian Malinois gets its name from a town

The origin of Belgian Malinois dog breed is Belgium and this dog breed gets it to name from the town named Malines where this breed has been developed.

Belgian Malinois is the variety of Belgian sheepdog

Belgian Malinois is one of the four varieties of Belgian sheepdog, The four varieties of Belgian sheepdogs are:

  • Belgian Laekenois
  • Belgian Malinois
  • Tervuren
  • Groenendael

Belgian Malinois works for reward

Belgian Malinois is a highly trainable breed and they can be trained really well. Many dog trainers train their dog by offering them treat or reward for their good actions. This Reward offering trick is really good for this breed, the greed for reward or treats like a dog biscuit or any other eatables motivate them to do well. They can be trained really well by this trick If you don’t know how to teach basic commands to your dog try using this method.

Belgian Malinois do shed

Belgian Malinois have a short-haired coat. This dense coat consists of two layers top coat and Undercoat. Topcoat is rough and harsh as compared to lower coat. They shed fur or hairs of their coat all the year moderately and they shed heavily during spring and fall.

They are good Military and Police dogs

Belgian Malinois is alert and intelligent dog breed. They have all the qualities which is necessary in a good Police and Military dogs. When the popularity of Belgian Malinois gets increased in 1959, demand for them in Military and Police also increased. They are also great Guard dogs because of their Protective and watchful Behavior. Belgian Malinois are also considered as good as Search & rescue and tracking dogs.

Belgian Malinois gets Recognized in 1959

After World War 2 demand for Belgian Malinois gets decreased but During 1959 their popularity gets increased and they get Officially recognized as a breed.

Belgian Malinois are not for First-time dog owners

Though Belgian Malinois are easy to train still they are not good for first-time dog owners. They require experienced dog owners who can train them really well because they require consistent training and proper socializing. Lacking any of these can make them really stubborn which would make them really hard to train. Some of them also become aggressive to strangers and other dogs which is the result of improper socialization.

Belgian Malinois are good skydivers

Belgian Malinois are considered good skydivers, Parachutists of Military considered Belgian Malinois as good skydivers as they are not so high in weight and can do tandem skydiving with them.

Belgian Malinois are first messenger dogs in War

Belgian Malinois act as the first war messenger dogs as they carry messages in World War 1.

They love to exercise

As Belgian Malinois is the most active dog breed it is very difficult to make them tired. They are really playful and can play with you any time. They require regular exercising whether in the form of playing, workout or long walks. They need to exercise at least 30 to 45 minutes a day.

The temperament of Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois are Active, Intelligent and watchful in nature, They are alert dogs which are protective in nature. They are also loyal to their owner and family which makes them a great guard dog. They are very obedient and if they are trained properly they will follow your any command without thinking twice. This Obedient behavior of them makes them really popular among Military and Police.

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Belgian Malinois has also worked in Hollywood

A Hollywood movie Max was released in 2015 which was based on the life of a Military dog, The film requires five Belgian Malinois to complete the scenes however the main and lead cast of the dog was of Carlos – A Belgian Malinois dog.

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