Belgian Malinois Grooming and Care | Grooming needs – PetfaKt

Grooming of Belgian Malinois
Grooming of Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois Grooming and care | Grooming needs – PetfaKt

Grooming of Belgian Malinois
Grooming of Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois Grooming and care: They have short & dense double-layered coat which shed normal & is easy to care & clean, They didn’t need much bathing.

Belgian Malinois is a medium to large sized dog breed and Their Temperament is Alert, Watchful and Active. Not only their personality these dogs are also famous for their stunning looks, but they also have a short haired double layered dense coat which sheds moderately. Their Grooming needs are not much and are considered low maintenance dogs. They didn’t need frequent bathing but they require regular brushing. Whatever the breed is Grooming is necessary for every dog breed, Here We will know about Caring and Grooming of Belgian Malinois.

Grooming of Belgian Malinois

Grooming Requirements of Belgian Malinois is not high and they are not high maintenance dogs. Because of their playful nature, they get dirty easily so whenever you feel that they are dirty you may groom them.

Coat of Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois have a beautiful short haired double-layered coat, the coat is dense. It consists of two-layer Topcoat and Undercoat, Topcoat is little harsh and Undercoat is soft. Coat of this dog comes in Fawn and Mahogany color with black shade on it. They shed moderately all year and shed heavily twice in a year.  During shedding season Brushing is necessary for them. Brushing or Combing of coat will help to remove extra dead hair or fur from a dog’s hair. By brushing your dog will feel cool and will look shiny. You can also use FURminator on them.

Bathing of Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois Bathing is another important activity which maintains the hygiene level of your dog. Bathing helps in removing Germs and Bacteria from the dog’s skin and coat, It also helps in removing ticks and fleas from the dog’s fur. It makes their coat shiny and clean.  All you have to do is consult your Vet and choose a good quality dog shampoo which suits their coat.

As they have a short coat they didn’t require frequent bathing, they require regular brushing to keep their coat light.

Bathing Requirements of Belgian Malinois

The Bathing requirements of Belgian Malinois depends upon activities of your dog if your dog is very playful and be outdoors most of the time then you should bathe them whenever their coat becomes dirty and filthy.  Otherwise, You can bathe them once every couple of months.

Brushing Belgian Malinois teeth

Brushing of teeth is necessary for your dog Belgian Malinois’s health, Brushing prevents gum diseases and removes tartar. It also prevents bad breath. Use a canine toothpaste instead of human toothpaste because normal toothpaste can be allergic to some dogs and may be bad for their health. Use a good quality brush for your dog and try to brush their teeth in a circular motion to avoid injuring their gums. You should start brushing from their initial age to habituate brushing. Brush their teeth at least 3 times a week.

Trimming the nails of Belgian Malinois

As they are very playful and energetic dogs the chances of getting a scratch from them is high so trimming or clipping their nails is very important. Whenever you feel that their nails are too long you can trim them by using a nail clipper. Be careful while doing and notice that you won’t hurt them. You can also go to your Vet for the same.

Cleaning the Ears of Belgian Malinois

To avoid Ear infections and to remove wax from their ears Ear should be cleaned, Whenever you notice that your dog is building up wax in his ear then you can clean his year. You should use a cotton ball instead of the cotton swab because it will be safer. This should be done with great attention and safety because any carelessness can damage your dog’s ear. You can also take your dog to Vet for this.

Caring of a Belgian Malinois

Grooming isn’t the only thing which is necessary for your dog there are several other things that are necessary for a dog for a happy and healthy life. Now we will discuss Caring of Belgian Malinois:

Daily Exercising for Belgian Malinois

As Belgian Malinois dogs have the highest energy rate of all the breeds it is obvious that there Exercising Requirement will be high, Daily Exercising is needed by them to be active and agile. It also avoids aggressive behavior in them. As compared to other dog breeds this dog breed doesn’t like to rest or relax, they need any constant physical work or exercise to do. It’s not easy to make them tired, they can play with you almost any time.

At least 30 to 45 min exercising a day is necessary for them. You can go out for long walks, hiking, running, playing and workout with them and they will also act as a good exercising partner to you. This breed is not good for you if you are busy schedule person.

Training and Socialization for Belgian Malinois

Though aggressive behavior is not found in Belgian Malinois they can also be aggressive. Some of them become aggressive to strangers and other animals which is the result of poor and improper socializing. Early age socializing is necessary for them. Training plays a great role in their behavior, they should be habituate training from an early age because they are known to be stubborn and it is difficult to train a stubborn dog. They are easy to train but they require an experienced owner, they are not for first-time dog owners.

Diet for Belgian Malinois

The most important factor in determining the health of the dog is the diet that he is taking. A good diet is very important for an active dog breed like them, The number of calories should be according to their activity level. Diet of your dog should have proper concentrations of Protein, fats, and carbohydrates. Keep in mind that your dog needs a high quality of diet, not a high amount of diet. Don’t overfeed them.

Consult your Vet for a perfect Nutritious diet which would be good for your dog according to his needs.

Regular Medical Checkups for Belgian Malinois

Although Belgian Malinois is considered a healthy dog breed but they are also prone to some health problems. Regular medical checkups can avoid these problems. All necessary vaccinations of a dog should be done.

They are prone to Hip Dysplasia, Elbow Dysplasia, and some Eye diseases. A vet should check their eyes and joints after some period of time. These health conditions can be avoided if you get your dog for regular checkups.

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