Belgian Malinois: Temperament, Behavior & Personality traits – Pet FaKt

Belgian Malinois: Temperament, Behavior & Personality traits - Pet FaKt
Belgian Malinois: Temperament, Behavior & Personality traits - Pet FaKt

Belgian Malinois: Temperament, Behavior & Personality traits – Pet FaKt

Belgian Malinois: Temperament, Behavior & Personality traits - Pet FaKt
Belgian Malinois: Temperament, Behavior & Personality traits – Pet FaKt

Belgian Malinois Temperament, Characteristics, Behavior & Personality traits: This herding dog breed is rarely aggressive, and is Active, Alert & Trainable.

Belgian Malinois is one of the most agile and active dog breeds, this highly energetic Herding dog breed can be great as family dogs if they are trained and socialized properly. This dog breed is often misunderstood as a German shepherd. These dogs are easy to train but still they are not good for first-time dog owners, they required the experienced owners to control them. Belgian Malinois are nice with kids but they should not be kept with too small children. They are of Active, alert, protective, confident, friendly, and loyal temperament. They are working as Military dogs, guard dogs, and search & rescue dogs.  Here We will know about Temperament and Personality of Belgian Malinois:

Belgian Malinois are:

Active and agile

The Active and agile behavior of Belgian Malinois makes them very impatient and restless, this dog breed is considered a healthy dog breed which requires a lot of exercising and training. In order to make them calm and obedient lot of training and early age, socialization is required. These dogs cannot survive in a small apartment or flat, they require much large space to live. They need someone to play with them all the time otherwise they get bored.

As compared to other dog breeds they didn’t like to relax most of the time. This dog breed requires much time, they need proper exercising, training, and socializing. We will now discuss the exercise requirements of this dog.

Exercise Requirement for Belgian Malinois

Belgium Malinois is the world’s most active dog breed which means they have a very high energy level, they didn’t get tired easily. They need to exercise daily at least 30 to 45 minutes a day. You have to give most of your time to them, you have to exercise them daily whether in the form of training or playing. This dog breed is not for busy scheduled people, if they didn’t get proper training and good socialization they become stubborn and aggressive.

Obedient and Highly trainable

Demand for Belgian Malinois is increasing as they are highly trainable and obedient. If they are trained properly then they can become really disciplined and obedient dogs. They are working as Police dogs and Military dogs because they are really obedient and will follow the command of there without thinking twice. These qualities of Belgian Malinois makes them really popular all over the world.

Though they are considered really Obedient and easy to train these dogs are not for first-time dog owners, they required an experienced dog owner because they have high energy levels sometimes these dogs become uncontrollable and Stubborn, which can make them really hard to train. This dog breed requires a strict training routine.

Protective and Alert

This behavior of Belgium Malinois makes them a really good guard dog.  This dog breed is used as Guard dogs because of their watchful behavior. Also they are very loyal to their owners  and they will never step back to protect their owner and family in any situation. If they had suspects on any stranger then they can attack him without thinking twice. They will always try to protect their family from others.

Other Behavioral issues regarding Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois with kids

Though they are playful and friendly still they are not considered to be really nice with kids, This dog breed is known for its high energy level and sometimes they adopt aggression while playing so they could be dangerous to little kids. We suggest that if you have little kids in your home who didn’t know how to behave with animals or dogs then you should not own Belgian Malinois.

Belgian Malinois as family dogs

Although they have all the qualities of a good family dog still they are not good family dogs because. They are very energetic and exercise requirement for these active dogs is very high. Belgian Malinois are considered hard-working dog and they need to do any physical activity most of the time. They need a much bigger house to live they can’t survive in flat or small apartments.

Sometimes Belgian Malinois also becomes stubborn and self-determined which makes them really hard to train. Early age socialization is necessary for them.

Aggression in Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois are not known to develop aggressive behavior. Some of them become aggressive to strangers and other animals which is the result of poor socialization. To avoid aggressive behavior training and good socialization should be done.  They need to get socialized from an early age otherwise they adopt aggressive behavior towards strangers.

Should We leave Belgian Malinois alone at home?

This herding dog breed always needs anyone to play with him, They are not like other dog breeds which can be left alone, Unlike other breeds, Belgium Malinois doesn’t like to relax and rest most of the time. They usually need some physical activity to do. If you leave your dog alone at home he will destructive behavior and start to destroy things around him. They may also get Separation anxiety which is really bad for their behavior as well as health.

Do Belgium Malinois becomes Dangerous?

Belgium Malinois didn’t become dangerous or aggressive. As stated earlier their behavior depends upon their training and socialization. Chaining or Caging your dog also makes them aggressive and also it is not good for their health. Start their training and socialization from its early age and exercise him daily he will not become aggressive or dangerous.

You can own a Belgian Malinois, If you want a dog which would be:

  • Active and agile, can go out for exercising with you.
  • Protective and Intelligent.
  • Didn’t need much grooming.
  • Less aggressive
  • Playful

You should not own a Belgian Malinois, If you want a dog which would :

  • Not need much Exercising.
  • Of small size and can sit in your lap.
  • Not require daily exercise.
  • Not require Training and socialization.
  • Adjust in apartment or flat.


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