Bullmastiff Dog Breed Personality, Behavior traits, and Temperament

Bullmastiff Dog Breed Personality, Behavioral traits, and Temperament
Bullmastiff Dog Breed Personality, Behavior traits, and Temperament

Bullmastiff Dog Breed Personality, Behavior traits, and Temperament

Temperament of Bullmastiffs
The Bullmastiff Dog Breed Personality, Behavior traits, and Temperament

Bullmastiff Dog Breed Personality, Behavior traits, and Temperament: Considered as Aggressive, Actually are Calm, Loyal but need Training & Socialization.

Bullmastiffs are famous for their large size and muscular body. There are many characteristics regarding their behavior.  Bullmastiffs are also known as Gamekeeper’s night-dogs and are considered great guard dogs. As compared to their size they are much agile and athletic. People also misunderstood Bullmastiff as an aggressive dog breed. Usually, due to their intimidating looks and massive size. In reality, they are very kind, affectionate, Independent, friendly and playful.

A Bullmastiff may be the perfect dog for you if you want a large-sized dog, They may be the perfect combination of Strength, Endurance and Intelligence. Let us know about the Behavior and Temperament of Bullmastiffs in detail.

Main Characteristics of Bullmastiff’s Personality-

Bullmastiffs are Docile, Loyal and Devoted


Sometimes, it may seem like they are stubborn but in reality, they are very docile. It is not that hard to train a Bullmastiff dog unless he is not lazy. Very loyal and devoted to their owner and family. These qualities make Bullmastiff excellent guard dogs. Mostly they are not good for other animals. But if they are introduced to them from the beginning then they will always try to protect them. Their Loyal behavior makes them possessive which means they are really good guard dogs.

Bullmastiffs are not much Agile and Athletic

Bullmastiff is an active breed of dog in the comparison of their size. But as compared to other small or medium-sized dog breeds they are not much dynamic. The exercise requirement of Bullmastiff is not high, they only need long walks and playing one or two hours a day. Some of them also become lazy due to the lack of exercise. Which makes them hard to train. If you need a dog that didn’t require too much exercising then Bullmastiff may be a good dog for you.

Bullmastiffs are Calm, Cheerful and Friendy

Often misunderstood as an Aggressive dog breed Bullmastiffs are very affectionate. Also, they are of kind behavior. It is not right to judge Bullmastiffs by their appearance Because they are of very friendly and cheerful behavior, Bullmastiffs are regarded as nice family dogs. Some of them also known to adopt aggressive behavior.

To avoid Aggression in them Socialization from starting is required. Regular training and daily exercising also help in reducing aggression in Bullmastiffs. Overall Bullmastiffs are very good-natured dogs who are good for kids also.

Bullmastiffs are Watchful, Territorial and Alert

Bullmastiffs are regarded as one of the best guard dog breeds in the world. They are very courageous and fearless. In addition, they are very intelligent and know when to attack whom they have a doubt. Basically, these qualities of Bullmastiffs makes them a great Watchdog.

Sometimes due to their territorial behavior, they often become aggressive to strangers and other animals (mainly small) which is not good. For avoiding certain problems proper Socialization should be done from their Puppyhood only.

Bullmastiffs can be easily trusted because they are very possessive and because of their massive strength they can take anyone down. So Basically these are experts in protecting and watch over.

Other information regarding the Behavior of Bullmastiffs-

Bullmastiffs can be aggressive

Many of the Bullmastiffs are known for adopting aggression, and which increases the incidents of their attacks (mainly on strangers and other animals).  Such Bullmastiffs are infamous for attacking other dogs and animals mainly those who are smaller in size (for e.g– Cats). Aggressive behavior is not good for both owner and dog itself, so it should be avoided.

Mostly the Bullmastiffs which become aggressive are not properly Trained and Socialized. Lack of daily exercise can also be the reason. Socialization is very important for Bullmastiffs. Most of them become offensive when they are isolated from the rest of the world. You have to take care that they should be socialized from an early age only. Proper Training is also necessary for them. However, it is not much difficult to train them but sometimes they become stubborn. Proper and regular training is necessary for them. They must be taught to follow the commands from the owner.

Daily exercise is another cause of aggression in Bullmastiffs. However, the exercise requirement of Bullmastiffs is not much but they should be exercised daily. Daily long walks are good for them. You can exercise or play with them, One or two hours of exercise is enough for them. You can exercise them by playing with them. Tug of war and Fetching are a great way of exercising them. Due to their large size, heavy exercises should be avoided.

Bullmastiffs can become Lazy and Stubborn

These dogs are often misunderstood as the lazy dog breed but it isn’t the truth. A healthy Bullmastiff which is trained consistently and exercised regularly will not become lazy.

Their low exercise requirement or needs doesn’t mean that they didn’t need any workout. Daily workout is as necessary to them as for another medium size dog breeds. They just need little training and workout to keep them active. You have to take care that because it becomes very difficult for the owner to train a stubborn Bullmastiff. They can easily become stubborn due to their independent behavior.

Training and Workout are also necessary for them as it also determines the health of the dog. It becomes difficult to make a lazy dog exercise. A lazy Bullmastiff can easily become overweighed or obese. It can develop certain more health issues like some join problems (Hip dysplasia, Elbow dysplasia, and Ligament rupture).

In order, to avoid such health problems they should be exercised regularly. Notice that they didn’t become overweight and don’t overfeed them. Note that they didn’t need heavy workouts they only need light exercising daily.

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Common questions related to Behavior of Bullmastiffs

Are Bullmastiffs Playful?

Yes, Bullmastiffs are much agile and active as compared to their size. But they are not much dynamic as other small size dogs. They are not that type of dogs that are energetic like the other energetic dogs jumping for no reason. Most of the time they prefer to relax but it doesn’t mean they are lazy. They can accompany you in almost all physical activities and can be a good companion.

Are Bullmastiffs good with small kids?

Are kids safe with Bullmastiffs
Are Bullmastiffs good with kids

As Bullmastiffs are well mannered and very kind, they are very safe for children. They will always try to protect kids from strangers. Also, they can be really friendly if they are socialized with them from the beginning. If a Bullmastiff is grown up with the kids then there is no reason for concern. However, kids should be monitored while playing because sometimes Bullmastiffs may hurt your kids unintentionally. The reason is their massive size and heavyweight.

Do Bullmastiffs Bark too much?

No Bullmastiffs didn’t bark much, they only bark when it is necessary. But it doesn’t mean that they are not good guard dogs, whenever they have doubt on somebody (stranger) they will surely bark on them. They are mostly alert and watchful but they are not noisy like other dog breeds (like German Shepherds). If you want a dog who doesn’t bark too much then Bullmastiff is the right breed for you.

Are Bullmastiffs good with other Pets or Animals?

Bullmastiff is an affectionate and friendly dog breed which usually doesn’t become aggressive. If a Bullmastiff is properly socialized from the beginning then he may be really good and kind to them. They will always try to protect their companion dog from others. But some Improperly socialized dogs become aggressive towards other animals mainly street dogs and cats.


You can own a Bullmastiff if you want a dog which would –

  • Moderately active
  • Powerful and Muscular
  • Large in size
  • Not Bark too much and be less noisy
  • Affectionate, kind natured and friendly
  • Less Aggressive
  • Calm and Obedient
  • Alert and Watchful
  • Require less exercise and workout
  • Are difficult to train

You should not own a Bullmastiff if you want a dog which would-

  • Be Extremely active and Playful
  • Be Little Noisy
  • Small in size
  • Be less powerful and muscular
  • Require too much exercise and training
  • Be easily Portable
  • Be less heavy

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