English Bulldog care and grooming | Basic care of Bulldogs – PetfaKt

English Bulldog care and grooming
English Bulldog care and grooming

English Bulldog care and grooming | Basic care of Bulldogs – PetfaKt

English Bulldogs grooming
Grooming of English Bulldogs

English Bulldogs care and grooming: English or British Bulldog is short coat breed they don’t need much maintenance, but How often they should be Groomed?

Bulldog is a medium-sized, muscular, hefty and short-faced dog breed which is famous for its looks. Though caring for their short coat is easy their skin folds or wrinkles requires little much care, their skin folds must be cleaned or wiped regularly to avoid skin infections. Their short hair coat should also be brushed regularly in order to keep it shiny and smooth.
Taking care of an English Bulldog is not difficult but there are some things that should be kept in mind. Many Bulldog owner’s get concerned about issues like which grooming product should we use for English Bulldogs, how often English Bulldog requires bath, clipping of nails, how to clean their skin folds or wrinkles, which brush is good for Bulldog’s coat, how much grooming do English Bulldog’s need, how to brush their teeth and many other things. Here we know about Proper caring and grooming of English Bulldogs.

First, we will know about Grooming of English Bulldogs:

Grooming of English or British Bulldogs:

Grooming requirements of English Bulldogs are low and they are considered low maintenance dogs.  Their short-haired coat doesn’t need much grooming but there are other things which need to be focused. Face, Nails, Ears, fold or wrinkles and teeth of Bulldogs need daily grooming.

How often English Bulldogs needs Grooming.

English Bulldogs are low maintenance dog and they didn’t need much grooming or care. You can give them a bath once or twice a month or whenever you feel your dog become filthy you can give him a bath. Short haired coat of them do not require daily cleaning or washing, it just needs to be brushed but they have wrinkled skin which and bacteria grows fast in these wrinkles which can cause skin infections so folds or wrinkles of their skin should be wiped or cleaned daily.

We will start with Bathing

 Bathing of English Bulldogs:

They do not need to be Bathed to often, English Bulldogs have a short coat which does not shed a lot. You don’t need to bath your Bulldog daily just make sure to Brush their coat, Use a Soft Bristle brush for them because they have sensitive skin. You don’t need to use any de-shedding tool or brush on them. Just keep in mind choose a good dog shampoo which is suitable for your dog’s coat It will be better if you would wipe your dog after a bath.

Whenever you feel your dog uncleaned give him a bath. You can bath him once or twice a month only.  Don’t bath them too often it removes essential natural oils from their skin and coat also it can make your dog’s skin dry. If your dog has fleas in his coat you can use a good anti-flea spray or shampoo for your dog.

Brushing Bulldog’s teeth:

Teeth Brushing is very important in Bulldogs because they are prone to Gum diseases (Periodontal disease). Make your dog brush at-least twice or thrice a week. Make sure you don’t hurt their gums while brushing, Use a soft bristle brush and try to brush in circular motions. Don’t use any regular toothpaste, choose a good dog-friendly or dog toothpaste for your dog. Brushing or cleaning of teeth is very important for you Bulldog’s health because it avoids the problem of Bad breath, removes tartar and also avoids many gum disease.

Cleaning of English Bulldog’s Face:

Cleaning of Bulldog’s face is very important, they are prone to skin infections like Skin fold dermatitis. The cause of this skin infection is the growth of inhabitants like Bacteria and fungi in the wrinkles or fold’s present on the bulldog’s skin.

To avoid skin infections, wrinkles or folds of their skin should be clean regularly. You have to clean your dog’s skin at least 3 or 4 times a week. Use a soft cloth or cotton, you can use a cleaning agent or half water and half shampoo or soap mixture to clean and wipe their wrinkles or you can buy wrinkle wipes for your dog. Be gentle while cleaning your dog’s skin because the skin of that area is very sensitive.

Trimming Toenails of English Bulldogs:

Whenever you feel that your dog’s nails become long, you can trim your dog’s nail but it should be done carefully because if it is done carelessly it can hurt your dog. If you don’t know how to clip or trim your dog’s nails go to your Vet.

Cleaning of English Bulldog’s Ear:

Ear of Bulldogs can trap moisture which can cause ear infections. Cleaning of their ear is necessary to avoid skin infections. Keep checking your dog’s ear if they are odorless or not.

Whenever you notice that excess of wax is buildup you can clean your dog’s ear or go to your Vet for the same. Keep in mind that Ear cleaning is done with great cautiousness because it can hurt your dog’s ear.

Other Essential things for your Bulldog:

Diet for English Bulldogs

It is one of the main factors which determines the health of Bulldog, They are known to do Overeating and they become over-weighed. They are prone to Obesity. Their Diet should contain Protein, Vitamins, Carbohydrates, Minerals, and fats.

Diet should be planned according to the nutritional needs of your dog based on its Age group, Living conditions, Health.  Bulldog diet should be planned carefully because many of them do overeating and eventually they gain extra weight which is not good for their health.  Many Bulldogs are allergic to some food items so those items should be avoided. Soy is the most common food item that most of the Bulldogs are allergic to. Chocolate should not be given to your dog because it is very harmful to your dog. Raw meat and salty eatables should be avoided.

The number of Calories in the diet of your dog should be according to his activities

  • If your Bulldog if not so active then he should not take more than 1100 calories per day.
  • If your dog is active then he should take around 1200 to 1300 calories in a day.
  • And if your dog is old aged then he should take 900 to 950 calories per day.

Exercising of English Bulldog’s

English Bulldogs love to relax and be indoor most of the time but it doesn’t mean that they didn’t need exercising. Many Bulldogs becomes lazy and stubborn. To avoid such issues little exercising should be done. Bulldogs don’t do much exercising and too much exercising is not good for their health. They only need little exercising to keep them active, they should be exercised around 15 to 30 minutes a day that’s enough for them. You can go out to walk and play fetch with your Bulldog.

Don’t take your dog out for exercising in hot summer days, choose the coolest part of the day like morning and evening for exercising. Also, keep them hydrated. Bulldogs are also known to get heat stroke so keep in mind that you don’t force them too much. Allow them to rest when they get tired.

Vaccination of English Bulldogs

Being a Brachycephalic breed Bulldogs are prone to many health issues. One of the most common ways of saving your Bulldog from diseases is Vaccination. During the lifetime of a dog, it comes in contact with various dangerous health problems and diseases.

Some of these diseases can become serious and can cause a huge medical expense. Also, it can cause a lot of trouble for your dog and you as well. You can prevent these diseases by Vaccination, so these vaccines are very important for your dog. You should consult that your Vet has given all the necessary vaccinations to your puppy according to its age.

Some of the common vaccinations are Infectious Canine Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Distemper, Bordetellosis, Parainfluenza and Rabies.

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