English Bulldog Facts|15 Bulldog Facts that you may not know – Pet FaKt

English Bulldog facts that you may not know
English Bulldog facts that you may not know

English Bulldog Facts|15 Bulldog Facts that you may not know – Pet FaKt

English Bulldog Facts|15 Bulldog Facts that you may not know: This medium-sized dog breed was popular for Bull-baiting, origin of this breed is UK-England.

The English Bulldogs also known as British Bulldogs are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world and they are also famous mascots, the origin of this dog breed is United kingdom- England. You can easily recognize a Bulldog by its appearance, A Bulldog is of Medium size and have a stocky, hefty and muscular body and have a wrinkled short face, their Head is big and their shoulders are wide. This adorable dog breed is of very calm, kind and friendly temperament or Personality and is not considered to be dangerous however some of them becomes stubborn, also they are very courageous and loyal. They are low endurance dogs and need only moderate or little exercise but their past or history is quite aggressive, earlier bulldogs were used in a Bloodsport called Bull baiting. Nowadays English Bulldogs is not considered to be a Healthy dog breeds, they are known to develop many health problems including skin infections, although they have many cons it is true that Bulldog is an excellent dog breed, Today we will know some Interesting and Fun facts about British or English Bulldogs that you may not know.

During 1800s Bulldogs were used in Bull baiting

Nowadays English Bulldogs are considered to be a friendly and rarely aggressive dog breed but during 1800s Bulldogs were involved in aggressive Bloodsports like Bull-baiting and Bear-baiting. The origin of English Bulldogs is United kingdom England and during 1800s Bull-baiting and Bear baiting were extremely popular that time. Till 18th century English Bulldogs developed Strong and big jaws by Bull-baiting, They also become more muscular and hefty. Bulldogs were becoming famous as an aggressive dog breed until 1835 when Bull baiting get banned under Cruelty to animals act 1835 but it doesn’t affect the popularity of Bulldogs, People start keeping Bulldogs in their home as a family dog and from then they gain popularity as a good family Pet.

English Bulldogs are bad swimmers

Many English Bulldogs dies due to sinking in swimming pool, This is because Bulldogs are short-muzzled or short-faced dogs and due to Brachycephalic shape of their head it is very difficult for them to swim. So it will be better to keep your Bulldog away from the pool.

Bulldogs are banned by many commercial Airlines

After the death of many Bulldogs caused by flying many Airlines banned them from flying, the reason for their death from flying is that they face breathing problems and they can be overheated in the cargo section of Aeroplane.

English Bulldog’s facial Wrinkles can cause Skin infection

English Bulldogs are prone to Skin infection like Skin fold Dermatitis which is caused by the growth of skin inhabitants like Bacteria, fungi, and yeast which grows between the wrinkles or folds of skin and It mostly occur in Summer. To avoid such infection skin folds or wrinkles should be clean regularly.

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English Bulldog’s habits that you may find Unhygienic

Bulldogs have some habits that you may not find hygienic, Due to their sensitive stomach Bulldogs fart a lot.
As Bulldog is a Brachycephalic breed they have the habit of snoring while sleeping and they often make noise while breathing. Bulldogs Drool also because it is difficult for them to keep their saliva in their mouth due to the shape of their mouth.

English Bulldogs can live in a small house

English Bulldog is not so energetic dog breed and they are not so playful, so if you have a small house or you live in an apartment or flat you can own a Bulldog. Bulldog can live easily in a small house and he didn’t require much space, in fact, they tend to rest more than playing.

Bulldogs are excellent with kids

Bulldog is a very friendly dog breed, they can be really good with kids and they are considered to be great family dog. Bulldogs are of very calm and loyal temperament, they are very affectionate of their owner and family members. If you have kids in your house you can own a Bulldog he will be really nice and safe with kids.

English Bulldogs don’t bark too much

English Bulldogs didn’t bark too much like any other dog breed who tends to bark for no reason but it doesn’t mean that they didn’t bark they only bark when they think it’s necessary. They usually prefer to snort or growl than barking. The reason that they didn’t bark much is the shape of their face. If you want a dog which would not make much noise then English Bulldog may be the right choice for you.

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English Bulldogs are very Popular

Bulldog is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world and the reason for their popularity may be their behavior. Bulldogs are also considered one of the best family dogs. Bulldogs popularity is increasing day by day, Bulldog’s mascot is also popular. Their confident and friendly behavior attracts many dog lovers, there would hardly be anyone who didn’t know about Bulldogs.

An English Bulldogs makes the skateboarding record

On Nov 8, 2015, a Skateboarding English Bulldog named Otto often known as ‘Otto the Skateboarding Bulldog’ makes a world record by passing a Human tunnel of 30 humans. He traveled under the legs of 30 people and make a new world record.

English Bulldogs are Indoor dogs

English Bulldogs are Indoor dogs and they like to relax inside the house rather than playing outside. Most of the time they love to sleep and relax than exercising and playing. They can’t tolerate much exercise and hot temperature, they just need a few minutes to walk to prevent them from being overweighed.

English Bulldogs can become Stubborn

Bulldogs are of Confident and determined personality and some of them become stubborn, Their Stubborn behavior makes difficult for the trainer to train them. The Bulldog will not follow commands and his training will also become difficult. However, this behavior of Bulldogs can be eliminated.

English Bulldogs can Become Overheated easily

It is true that English Bulldogs can’t tolerate hot temperature they can easily get a heat stroke. It will be good if you keep them inside your house during summers. The reason that they become overheated easily is the Brachycephalic shape of their head. So if you live in a hot area then Bulldog is not the right choice for you because English Bulldogs can’t survive in High temperature.

Health-related issues

Bulldogs are not considered to be a healthy dog breed, They are prone to many diseases and health problems. Many Bulldogs die before their average lifespan. They are prone to skin infections, Bone and joint problems and they have respiration issues due to Brachycephalic shape of their head. English Bulldogs are also prone to heart problems. Although they have many health-related issues many people prefer Bulldog as a good family pet.

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English Bulldogs are Greedy for food

Bulldogs are greedy eaters, most of the Bulldogs do overeating and become overweighed. They love to eat and most of the Bulldogs do overeating which results in their stomach upset problem. Many Bulldogs becomes overweighed due to their lazy behavior and their habit of overeating. Diet of an English Bulldogs should be well balanced and it should be noticed that they didn’t become too lazy.

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