Health issues and symptoms in English bulldogs – Pet FaKt

Health issues and symptoms in English bulldogs - Pet FaKt
Health issues and symptoms in English bulldogs - Pet FaKt

Health issues and symptoms in English bulldogs – Pet FaKt

Health issues and symptoms in English bulldogs - Pet FaKt
The Health issues and symptoms in English bulldogs – Pet FaKt

Health issues and symptoms in English bulldogs – Pet FaKt: This brachycephalic dog breed is prone to many hereditary diseases & skin allergies.

English or British Bulldogs are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world, The Average Lifespan of Bulldog is 8-10 years but many of them die at a young age. English Bulldogs suffer from many health issues (problems), they are most prone to Bone and Joint problems (Hip and Elbow Dysplasia), Respiratory problems, skin infections, Heart disease, Heat problems, Back problems, Cherry eye, and many other diseases. To prevent such common diseases you have to focus on your dog’s diet and you have to take him to regular health checkup and you have to identify and recognize mild symptoms of these health issues before it spreads and concern a Vet immediately. Some of the health issues are caused by Breeding problems. Here we will discuss Common Health issues, concerns, and problems in English Bulldogs and their symptoms.

English Bulldogs Breeding issues

Bulldogs are becoming more and more popular but their popularity causes Overbreeding of Bulldogs, Demand for more short muzzle face of bulldog affects the health of Bulldogs. The short-muzzled face of Bulldogs causes difficulty in breathing and also cause respiratory problems. In simple words, this short muzzle and wrinkled face of Bulldogs is causing them difficult to breathe. Another health problem called Brachycephalic syndrome is also common in Bulldogs, In this syndrome due to pushed shape face, nose, or muzzle the nostrils become narrowed or it becomes small which causes a restriction in breathing.

Cherry eye in English Bulldogs

cherry eye is one of the most common eye diseases not only in Bulldogs but also in other dog breeds. Short muzzled breeds are more prone to this eye disease. It is prolapse of the Third eyelid called Nictating membrane (NM) present in the eyes of the dog, Nictating membrane produces tears that lubricate the eyes of the dog. Usually, Cherry’s eye didn’t cause pain but it causes a lot of irritation. It’s not difficult to identify this eye problem and can be spotted easily. Cherry eye is a Congenital disease which is usually by birth. Treatment or Surgery of this eye should be done to avoid further eye problems.

Symptoms of Cherry Eye in English Bulldogs

  • Redness in Eye
  • Swollen eye area
  • Dry eyes
  • Irritation
  • A dog will try to rub his Eyes
  • Abnormal blinking

Entropion & Ectropion

Entropion and Ectropion are the Eye condition or disease which are opposite of each other and English Bulldogs are prone to these eye problems. In Entropion, the eyelids of dog’s eyes roll inwards which causes eyelashes to rub on the eye’s surface which eventually damages the cornea of the dog’s eye and in Ectropion the Eyelids of the dog’s eye rolls outward. It can affect your dog at any age, Reason for this eye problem is genetic causes and effect of any other disease. Both of these Eye conditions can be corrected by surgeries.

Symptoms of Entropion and Ectropion in English Bulldogs

  • Redness appearance of the eye
  • Irritation
  • Watery eyes
  • Inward or Outward curve of Eyelids
  • A dog will try to rub his Eyes

Respiratory problems

Many English Bulldogs dies because of different Respiratory Problems. English Bulldogs and many other short-muzzled or Brachycephalic dog breeds are prone to Brachycephalic airway obstructive syndrome in which the airway of these short-faced dogs breeds becomes obstructed causing difficulty in breathing which results to severe Respiratory problems. Brachycephalic dog breeds may have narrowed nostrils also called stenotic nares and their windpipe could also be narrowed this problem is called Tracheal stenosis which is another common health problem in short-faced dog breeds.
Due to difficulty in respiration Bulldogs make breathing noises and snoring while sleeping. Bulldogs cannot tolerate much exercising and are unable to survive at high temperatures because they can become overheated and can easily get heatstroke.

Hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia

Dysplasia is a joint problem which many dog breeds including English bulldogs are prone to have, Bulldogs are prone to have Hip dysplasia and Elbow dysplasia, It is most common in dogs of 1 to 2 years of age.

Hip Dysplasia: It is one of the most common health problems in almost all breeds of dogs and every English Bulldog’s owner should be aware of it. Hip dysplasia usually occurs heavy dog breeds, Hip dysplasia occurs when displacement between the hip joint and the thigh bone is formed.

Elbow Dysplasia: Elbow Dysplasia and Hip dysplasia are almost same, Elbow dysplasia also forms when there is the displacement between joint and bone. Their Symptoms are also the same.
To identify Dysplasia in your Bulldog you have to carefully determine your dog. You have to Observe his reaction to touch at the joint area because in dysplasia the joint pains a lot and if you touch the area of pain he will growl. Another thing you have to notice the activity level of your Bulldog your dog will show less activity level and his way of walking and standing posture will also change. You should contact a Vet if you see any of the symptoms in your dog.

Symptoms of Hip and Elbow Dysplasia in English Bulldogs

  • Pain at the joint area
  • Rigidity
  • Less activity and motion
  • change in standing posture
  • Looseness of joint

Skin Fold Dermatitis

Skinfold dermatitis is the skin infection that is caused by the growth of skin inhabitants like Bacteria, fungi, and yeast which grows between the wrinkles or folds present on Bulldog’s skin. Dog breeds that have Wrinkly skin are prone to Fold Dermatitis. It usually occurs in Summers and it affects Face, Tail fold, and Lip areas. To avoid Skin Fold Dermatitis in English Bulldogs you should clean your Dog’s skin folds regularly to reduce bacteria growth between the skin folds. Bulldogs are also prone to have Ear infections and they also get eczema and acne.

Symptoms of Skin Fold Dermatitis in English Bulldogs

  • The affected area will become red
  • odor
  • Itching
  • The dog will try to lick and rub

Pulmonic Stenosis

Pulmonic Stenosis is a congenital heart problem and it is caused by the obstruction right in the outflow from the right side of the heart which means it causes an obstruction in the flow of blood the heart to lungs. This heart disease is most common in English Bulldogs. An affected dog may be Exercise Intolerant and the problem like Collapsing and heart failure can occur.

Highest Cancer Rate of among any Breed

You may find it disturbing but English Bulldogs have very high chances of getting cancer and the most common type of cancer is Skin cancer which Bulldogs are mostly prone to and they can develop skin tumors, The most common type of skin tumor is Mastocytoma also called Mast cell tumor and cause for the growth of this skin tumor is still unknown. This tumor can be removed surgically by a Diagnostic procedure called Fine-needle Aspiration.
Another type of cancer of which English Bulldogs are prone to be Testicular cancer and Breast cancer.


English Bulldogs are intolerant to heat, They are mostly indoor dogs that cannot tolerate much heat and exercising although they can go out for short walks. Bulldog is not so an active breed of dog, they love to relax most of the time. You have to make sure that the weather is cool before taking your Bulldog out for a walk.

Do notice these signs of Heatstroke

  • Your Bulldog may vomit white foam
  • His tongue may become blue.
  • He will make noises while breathing


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