Pros and Cons of having an English Bulldog – Pet FaKt

Pros and Cons of having an English Bulldog - Pet FaKt
Pros and Cons of having an English Bulldog - Pet FaKt

Pros and Cons of having an English Bulldog – Pet FaKt

Pros and Cons of having an English Bulldog - Pet FaKt
The Pros and Cons of having an English Bulldog – Pet FaKt

Pros and Cons of having an English Bulldog: English Bulldog’s cons include health issues, drool, smell, & some pros are low shedding & friendly temperament.

English Bulldogs are becoming more & more popular as the family dog breed in the world and I can assure you that Owning an English Bulldog would be great fun. You can easily recognize bulldog by the cute appearance they are medium-sized dogs who drools too much. They have a short coat and a wrinkled face. Just like any other dog breed, There are many pros and cons or Advantages & Disadvantages of owning English Bulldogs. Pros can include their low grooming needs and Cons can include their stubborn behavior. Here we will discuss them in detail that you should know before you get an English Bulldog.

Pros or Advantages of owning an English Bulldog

Calm and friendly Temperament

English Bulldogs are social dogs that are not known for being aggressive. These good-natured dogs are always loving to their family. They are not overactive, they are of calm personality. Bulldogs are affectionate to the family members and even with other pets.

Low Shedding

The grooming needs of English Bulldogs are not high. They have a short coat with wrinkly skin. The short-haired coat of Bulldogs is not known for much shedding. You don’t need to bath them frequently. However, you still need to brush them in order to prevent hairs from scattering on the floor of your house.

Know about Grooming of English Bulldogs- English Bulldog care and grooming | Basic care of Bulldogs – PetfaKt

Don’t need much Space

English Bulldogs are not very agile or active and are considered calm. They are of medium size which only needs a small area. Bulldogs can live easily in an apartment as they are not very sporty. So if you need a dog in an apartment then English Bulldog may be a good breed for you.

Safe for kids and other Pets

As mentioned earlier English Bulldogs are friendly and affectionate in nature and they are rarely aggressive. They are mostly friendly with both kids and other pets even with Cats. They mostly behave nicely to kids and provide protection to them. So you still own a Bulldog if you have kids in your house.

Don’t Bark much

English Bulldogs are of quiet temperament and are not much noisy. They don’t bark much instead of this they usually snort or growl and they only bark when they feel its necessary. Mostly they bark on strangers.

Less Exercise requirement

English Bulldogs is not considered as an active breed of dog. They mostly like to remain indoors rather than being outside but it doesn’t mean that they don’t like playing. They love to play but the exercise need for Bulldogs is low. You don’t need to exercise them too much, 20 to 30 minutes of workout would be enough for them, or else they can also get heatstroke.


Though English Bulldogs are not known for being aggressive to others still they are considered good guard dogs because of their protective temperament. They don’t bark much but they are territorial in nature and barks at strangers whenever they have doubt on them. English Bulldogs are not very powerful and neither they are of large size but they are considered to be very courageous. No doubt Bulldogs are the good guard dogs.

Cons or Disadvantages of owning an English Bulldog

Many Health Issues

Unfortunately, English Bulldogs are prone to many health issues and diseases including heart problems.  They are prone to respiratory problems, Hip dysplasia, Entropion & other eye diseases, skin problems. They can be overheated easily.

Read more about their Health Issues- Health issues and symptoms in English bulldogs – Pet FaKt

Chewing Problem

Pros and Cons of having an English Bulldog - Pet FaKt
English Bulldog Chewing Problem

Chewing habit is pretty common almost in all English Bulldogs. Many Bulldog puppies do this during teething and it becomes normal if it is not stopped. Many of these start chewing things like carpet, sofa, slippers, shoes, and furniture whenever they feel bored.

Skin Infection

Though English Bulldogs don’t need much grooming or batting still their facial & other wrinkles need to be cleaned regularly in order to avoid skin infections. Skin Infection is pretty common in English Bulldogs, they are prone to skinfold dermatitis.

Skinfold dermatitis is the skin infection that is caused by the growth of skin inhabitants like Bacteria, fungi, and yeast which grows between the wrinkles or folds present on Bulldog’s skin. Dog breeds that have Wrinkly skin are prone to Fold Dermatitis. It mostly happens in Summers so their wrinkles should be cleaned mostly facial wrinkles and tail pocket.


As English Bulldogs are not very agile and frisky, they become lazy easily. Bulldogs generally like to relax inside rather than playing or exercising outside. Most of them have the habit of overeating which causes them to be fat and ultimately causes them to become fat and obese. So to avoid this they should get little exercise regularly.

English Bulldogs Farts a lot

Yes, English Bulldogs fart much because of their sensitive stomach. The stomach of Bulldogs is sensitive and sometimes it’s unable to digest food better which causes Gassiness or Flatulence. Changes in the diet may also cause this problem.

Breathing Issues

Breathing issues are very common in English Bulldogs. The short muzzle and wrinkled face of Bulldog is causing them difficulty in breathing, this health issue is called Brachycephalic syndrome. Due to pushed shape face, nose, or muzzle, the nostrils of the dog become narrowed or it becomes small which causes a restriction in breathing. Due to these breathing issues, you may observe your Bulldog wheezing and snoring while sleeping.

Difficult to train

Yes, It is a little difficult to train Engish Bulldogs. Training of Bulldog is not as easy as it seems because of their temperamental issues. Although Bulldogs are Calm and Friendly, when it comes to training they become a little stubborn, and making them follow commands becomes tough. However this behavior of Bulldogs can be avoided.

Drools too much

English Bulldogs are renowned for drooling too much. The reason for drooling much is the face structure of Bulldogs. it is difficult for them to keep their saliva in their mouth due to the shape of their mouth.

You should own an English Bulldog if you want a dog which would

  • Be Calm and Friendly
  • Not be Aggressive
  • Be easy to groom
  • Not require much exercising
  • Not require much space
  • Be Protective
  • Not be noisy
  • Be good with kids and other Pets

You Should not own an English Bulldog if you need a dog which would

  • Be Agile and Active
  • Not require frequent Health Checkups
  • Be of Large size
  • Be Hairy

So, After knowing Pros and Cons of Owning an English Bulldog, Would you own a Bulldog? Tell us by Commenting below!



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