Rottweiler Aggressive Behavior | How to control aggression in Rottweilers?

Rottweiler Aggressive Behavior | How to control aggression in Rottweilers?
Rottweiler Aggressive Behavior | How to control aggression in Rottweilers?

Rottweiler Aggressive Behavior | How to control aggression in Rottweilers?

Rottweiler Aggressive Behavior | How to control aggression in Rottweilers?
The problem of Rottweiler Aggressive Behavior | How to control aggression in Rottweilers?

Rottweiler Aggressive Behavior | How to control aggression in Rottweilers?: Some Rottweilers becomes aggressive towards strangers & other dogs.

This strong and muscular dog breed is considered as the best guard dog breed in the world but they have some behavioral issues and problems which makes them dangerous and vicious. Some Rottweilers becomes aggressive to strangers and other dogs. These dogs are known to develop Biting problem which makes them even more dangerous but they can be well mannered and extremely calm with proper training and socialization. It becomes very difficult for first-time dog owners to deal with such a situation. Here we will know about Rottweiler’s Aggressive behavior in detail and how to control and deal with such aggression.


Male: 61 to 70 cm

Female: 57 to 64 cm


Male: 50 to 60 kg

Female: 36 to 48 kg

Breed Group: Working Group

Lifespan: 8 years to 10 years

History or Past of Rottweilers

Rottweilers also are known as Rotties were used as working dogs in the past, The origin of this dog breed is Germany and it is from the town name Rottweil through which the name Rottweiler comes.

Rottweilers were used for pulling and loading the cart of the good of farmers and butchers due to their high energy level and massive strength. They were also called Butcher’s dog because they were used by Butchers in their past. They were also used for protecting money by carrying the purse which was tied to his neck. Rotties were greatly used by Farmers for herding and protection of their livestock. They were Officially classified as a breed in 1931.

Today Rottweilers are working as Guard dogs, Police dogs and Army dogs in large numbers.

Aggression in Rottweilers

Many of Rottweiler’s owners are concerned that their dog is becoming aggressive &  violent and this behavior of Rottweiler should be stopped because it can lead to big problems!

There may be much different cause of Aggression or violent behavior of Rottweiler, you have to act smartly in such conditions. Take steps against the things which causes such change in their behavior.

Rottweilers are considered one of the most aggressive dog breeds, Rottweilers are large and muscular dogs who have an excellent bite force of 428 PSI and If a Rottweiler adopts an aggressive behavior then he can be very dangerous.  This type of behavior of your dog should be decreased.

How to reduce aggression in Rottweilers?

By socializing and training

Many Rottweilers adopt Destructive behavior, lack of calmness and becomes dominating to other pets. They often become aggressive towards strangers and other dogs which is the result of Poor socialization.  Rottweiler dog breed is a self-determined dog breed which requires consistent training and early age socialization. The reducing of territorial behavior in Rottweilers is very important this territorial behavior may lead to aggression towards visitors and other dogs.

Socialization is the most important thing for reducing aggression in your dog. Start it’s training and socialization initially, take him outside for walks and socialize him properly. Rottweiler’s training should be done properly you have to notice that your Rottweiler follows your command. Teach them some basic commands like  Sit! and Stop!. Also, notice that he understands the meaning of NO!

Rottweilers training and socialization should be done at an early age because many of them become stubborn, and it is difficult to train and socialize an overly aggressive and stubborn dog.

By regular Exercising

Another thing which is necessary to avoid aggression in your dog is daily exercising. Exercising is not only helpful for improving the health of your dog but also it helps in improving the behavior of the dog. Exercising can help in reducing the violent and destructive behavior of your dog because many dogs become aggressive due to the high energy level and when their energy is not used in the right direction. Take your dog to daily long walks or jogging and after some days you could observe a change in their behavior.

By not caging or chaining them

If your chain or cage your dog for hours then you need to stop this as soon as possible because this encourages aggression in your dog. When you cage or chain a dog he becomes antisocial and some times they often get separation anxiety which is the caused by leaving your dog alone for many hours and in anxiety the dog adopts destructive and violent behavior.  Chaining and caging leads to aggression towards strangers, such dog can be seen barking too much on strangers and other dogs.  Keep your dog with you and your family, they enjoy the company of their family.

By not giving them Physical Punishment

Physical Punishment often worsened the behavior of your dog, these types of Punishment is illegal and can cause chronic stress in your dog. Some people have the ideology the Rottweilers attacks their owner but this is completely false because Almost in all such cases the dog has not treated properly, they have been given physical punishment like beating them. Under such situations, any dog of any breed can make an attack to save himself, the dog who had given such punishment becomes depressed which leads to attacks. It would be better if you act calm and assertive to your dog.

Understanding Your Dog

The cause of Aggression could be different, It may be possible that your dog is aggressive of Living condition or any other things. Just try to understand your dog and find the reason behind it. Avoid such things which cause disturbance to your dog. Understand the feelings of your dog. In some cases the behavioral change can also be caused by health problems, in many health conditions, dogs often become violent or upset.

Rottweilers are loyal and affectionate dogs which need a lot of love and care. These dogs enjoy the company of his family and owner, keep your dog happy and he will be really devoted to you. Don’t forget a dog is a man’s best friend!

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