Shedding in German Shepherds | How to control their Excessive Shedding

Shedding in German shepherds
Shedding in German shepherds

Shedding in German Shepherds | How to control their Excessive Shedding


Shedding in German Shepherds | How to control their Excessive Shedding: GSDs have a dense & double layered coat which sheds heavily during shedding seasons.

The German shepherd is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world and this breed is known for shedding a lot. Almost all GSD owners are aware of the fact that German shepherds shed its hairs as all other dogs do but the question is “how heavily does German shepherd dogs shed?” and what is German shepherd shedding season. German shepherds shed almost all year round, German shepherds shed heavily in Spring and fall. The German shepherd has a thick and dense double layered coat of medium size consist of Undercoat (which is soft ) and Outer-coat (which is of rougher and long hair).

German shepherd blows its Undercoat all year and Topcoat or Outer-coat sheds hair only twice a year. German shepherd excessive shedding or blowing coat of German shepherd arises as a big problem in keeping home clean, German shepherd shedding solution (German shepherd shedding tips) can be followed to control it, A good brush or a shedding rake for German shepherd can be chosen. Here we will discuss German shepherd Shedding and how to control German shepherd shedding.

On what factors shedding of German shepherd dogs depends

Factors affecting shedding in German shepherds
Factors affecting shedding in German shepherds

Shedding means when a dog loses his fur naturally and there are many possible factors on which shedding depends.

The Health condition of your dog

If your German shepherd is healthy it is obvious that he will shed less because in many health diseases like Cancer a dog began to lose his hairs. Some of the health problems in which shedding of German shepherd happen are Bacterial infections, Sunburn, Kidney diseases, Immune diseases, liver diseases, and Thyroid related diseases. Sometimes shedding is also happens in Pregnancy and it can also be caused by Fleas.

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Diet of your dog

Diet is another one of the main factors on which shedding of your GSD depends, A good diet means better health which will result in less hair loss. A good diet will result in a healthier and good quality of the coat. Poor diet and deficiency of Nutrition in the diet will cause an Unnatural loss of hairs. Excessive shedding can also occur due to Food Allergies.


The breed is the main factor on which shedding of the dog depends, A short-haired dog breed will shed less compared to any other long-haired dog breed. For example- German sheds more than Pitbulls.

Environment and Temperature

Shedding of German shepherds also depends upon season and Environment related elements, sometimes GSDs shed their fur to keep their body temperature low as they do in Summers. German shepherd shed heavily in spring and fall seasons.

When and how much do German shepherd shed?

German shepherd shed almost all year but they shed heavily in spring and fall season. GSDs shed their Undercoat all year and Outer-coat twice a year.
A German shepherd is a breed which is known to shed heavily, German shepherd coats come in three types Long haired, Rough coat and the Long rough coat. The German shepherd has a dense coat of medium length. So if you want a dog which doesn’t require much grooming and didn’t shed too much then GSD is not the right choice for you.

Some Possible causes of abnormal or excessive shedding in German shepherd

  • Health problems including Cancer, Bacterial infections, Sunburn, Kidney, liver, and Thyroid disease can cause Unnatural shedding.
  • Poor Diet or Deficiency of Nutrition can also be the reason.
  • Heavy shedding can also happen during Pregnancy.
  • Shedding can also be caused by parasites because they cause itching which causes the dog to scratch and bite himself.
  • Food allergy can also be the reason for Unnatural shedding.
  • A sudden change in Environment and surroundings can also be the reason for shedding.

How to control or How to deal with excessive shedding in German shepherds

By proper Grooming and Caring of German shepherd’s coat

Proper Grooming of your GSD’s coat is an essential step which affects the shedding rate in them and it will also result in maintaining cleanliness level of your home. Sometimes dog shed to lose their old and damaged fur or hair so a dog with properly groomed coat will obviously shed less than the other. So Grooming is important for dog breeds German shepherds which shed too much. You can also Trim your Dog’s hair so that new and healthier hair can Grow.

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Regular Brushing of German shepherds

Brushing is very important for the Dense coat of German shepherds as it helps in removing the old and damaged hair from the fur of your German shepherd, Daily Brushing is necessary during Summers as brushing helps in removing the old and damaged fur from the body of GSD and make your dog feel cool and comfortable.

Which brush and DeShedding tool is best for German shepherd?

You can use Undercoat rake or Deshedding rake on the German shepherd as it suits their Dense coat. You can also use the FURminator Deshedding tool on GSDs.

By bathing your German shepherd after regular periods of time

Bathing is very good for your dog because it not only makes your dog feel cool but it also removes extra dead hair from your GSD’s body which will make him feel cool, light and comfortable. Bathing helps in Cleaning your dog’s hair which helps to minimize dog shedding because sometimes shedding is also caused by fleas and bacteria which causes bacterial infection and so you should choose a good dog shampoo for your German shepherd.

How often should your German shepherd be bath?

Bathing can be helpful in removing dead hairs but You should bath your GSD only when it is necessary, A dog should be bath your dog only when your dog will become dirty and smelly because too much bathing can remove natural oils from your dog’s hair and can cause your dog’s skin to become dry, flaky and can damage the skin of your dog. Normally a German shepherd should be bathed once in every 3 to 4 months.

 Feeding your German shepherd a High-quality and Nutritious diet?

Diet plays a decisive role in deciding the amount of shedding in your dog. The diet of your dog should be rich with Protein and other essential Nutrients. A Protein rich diet will result in a healthier and shiny coat. People often use Vitamins supplements to make their dog’s coat more shiny which can be harmful to their health sometimes because they can also cause digestive problems, so you should avoid these extra supplements.

You should provide your dog with plenty of fresh water and make them hydrated because dehydration can also be the reason for shedding. Additionally, you can include cod liver oil in their diet which can be beneficial for their coat.

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