Temperament and behavior of English Bulldog | Personality of Bulldogs

Temperament and behavior of English Bulldogs
Temperament and behavior of English Bulldogs

Temperament and behavior of English Bulldog | Personality of Bulldogs

Temperament and behavior of English Bulldogs
Temperament and behavior of English Bulldogs

English or British Bulldogs is a Good Natured dog breed which is rarely aggressive. The Temperament, Behavior, and Personality of English Bulldogs is Calm.

Although they have muscular, strong-sturdy body and Intimidating looks English Bulldogs are one of the most social and friendly dogs, they are always good and with children and didn’t show any territorial behavior. Bulldog Puppies are much energetic as compared to adult bulldogs, Bulldogs are low endurance dogs and Veterinarians say that this breed only needs moderate exercise. Here we will discuss Temperament, Personality, and Behavior of English Bulldogs.

History or Past of English or British Bulldogs

Nowadays Bulldogs are bred as a kind family dog and they are considered very friendly and calm but earlier Bulldogs are not so calm and they were used to be very aggressive.

The origin of British or English Bulldogs is England, In 1800s they were used for a Bull baiting and Bear Baiting. Bull baiting is a sport in which Bull is put against a dog ( or dogs). During the 1800s it was a very popular sport in England and they were very famous for Bull-baiting. During the 18th century, they have developed strong and big jaws and more muscular body by Bull baiting and Bear Baiting.

After some time in 1835 Bull baiting was regarded as cruel to animals and fortunately it was banned under the Cruelty to animals act 1835. Later People start to keep Bulldog in their home and they observed that Bulldogs are a good family dog and can be kept as a Pet in homes. Finally, in 1886 it was officially recognized by American Kennel Club. In 2016 Bulldog becomes one of the most popular dog breeds. Although they have aggressive past, now Bulldog is not considered to be an aggressive dog breed.

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English Bulldogs are Calm and Gentle

English or British Bulldogs are considered to be very calm and gentle as compared to any other breed. They have medium sized sturdy and compact body with skin folds and wrinkles on their face and body, Their head is large and broad, the chest is wide, legs are short and their body looks very Muscular and tough. Although Bulldogs have intimidating looks they are not as aggressive as they look like. Bulldogs are not very energetic and agile, In fact, they are of very calm personality and they usually like to stay inside than playing outside, Bulldogs can adjust and live in a small house like Apartment or Flat.

They didn’t bark too much on outsiders and strangers because they are of quiet temperament, They are so restful that people misunderstood them as a Lazy dog. Sometimes some adult Bulldogs became lazy and overweight, so they need a little exercise to avoid their lazy behavior and their diet should be monitored because Bulldogs do Overeating. Most of the Bulldogs are only frisky when they are Puppies but when they grew up they are not so energetic and agile.

English Bulldogs are Friendly and social

Bulldogs are famous for their friendly behavior with kids and other pets. They are regarded as best Pet for family, Bulldogs can live with other Pets and can become their friend easily. They are caring and Protective also. Bulldogs are social dogs and they always want to be with their family. Although, Bulldogs are calm and like to rest most of the time they didn’t want to be alone.

They are also prone to have separation anxiety, In Separation anxiety, they adopt aggressive behavior and they start doing weird things like Biting and destroying things, Barking and whining, so if you want a dog which you can leave home alone for hours then Bulldog is not the right choice for you. Bulldogs have the habit of seeking the attention of their owners Yes they are Great attention seekers they will do different activities to grab the attention of their owner. Bulldogs are affectionate and loyal to their family, Bulldogs loves their owners and most of the time they want to be with their family and owner. Bulldog can easily do friendship with anyone so Socializing is easy for Bulldogs. If you have other Pet like Cat in your home then bulldog can also live with it also and If you are first-time dog owner then you can own an English or British Bulldog because they are of very kind and Gentle Behavior

English Bulldogs are Courageous

Even though Bulldogs are calm and gentle, English or British Bulldogs are very courageous. We should not forget the fact that, in beginning they are used for Bull baiting which requires aggressiveness, strength and lot of courage that’s the reason Bulldogs are very Courageous. If they even feels unsafe of any stranger he will attack him without thinking twice. Bulldogs are Protective of their family & owner and they always try to guard and protect them from strangers. Many People think that Bulldogs are just Calm and Lazy but they are unaware of this Quality of Bulldog. Bulldogs are just perfect dog, they are Friendly, Affectionate, Courageous and Protective.

Bulldogs are Less Aggressive

Though they have Aggressive past Bulldogs are not so aggressive nowadays as they used to be. Bulldogs are now Gentle and Calm. Bulldogs are considered as a friendly and affectionate Pet which can live with kids too. But Bulldogs can become aggressive if they are provoked. Bulldogs are just protective courageous dogs which only attacks whenever they feel danger. One behavioral with this dog breed is that some of them become Stubborn. If Bulldog becomes Stubborn it became difficult for the owner to train them. So to avoid this Stubborn behavior start training and socialize them from an early age. All over Bulldogs are not of aggressive temperament they only adopt such behavior if they are provoked or forced.

Some Behavioral issues with Bulldogs

Behavioral issues in English Bulldogs
Behavioral issues in English Bulldogs

Bulldogs are Kind and nice dogs which generally didn’t have many Behavioral problems but every dog breed has some behavioral issues.

  • Bulldogs fart a lot: Actually, this is not a Behavioral problem it’s actually a Health issue, They fart because their stomach is sensitive and sometimes it’s unable to digest food better.
  • Some English Bulldogs are stubborn in nature:  Some of them can become so stubborn that the training of such Bulldogs becomes difficult for the owner and this behavior of Bulldogs make them less Obedient.
  • English Bulldogs can become Lazy: Bulldogs are agile and frisky when they are puppies but when they grow up some of the adult Bulldogs becomes really lazy they like to relax most of the time and stay indoor, So to avoid this lazy behavior moderate exercising of Bulldog should be done.
  • Bulldogs have the habit Overeating: Almost all of them do overeating which is not good for their health, Overeating should be avoided and owners should monitor their dog’s diet carefully. They often gain extra weight by their lazy attitude and their habit of overeating.

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You can own an English or British Bulldog if you need a dog which would be-

  • Less Aggressive
  • Social
  • Friendly
  • Courageous

You should not own an English or British Bulldog if you need a dog which would be:

  • Large in size
  • Very Energetic
  • Long haired dog
  • Aggressive

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